SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner Product!


Design with precision

Mechanical and optical engineers can
now collaborate on a single design

SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner Product!


Avoid repeated
physical prototypes

Speed time to manufacturing

SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold!
Zemax is proud to announce LensMechanix has been awarded Certified Gold Product status by SOLIDWORKS. Fulfilling the rigorous standards of the Gold Partner Program demonstrates that LensMechanix meets the highest expectations for quality, functionality, performance, and tight integration with the SOLIDWORKS platform.

LensMechanix includes tools to package, analyze, and validate your optomechanical designs. Build the optomechanical components with actual lens dimensions from OpticStudio, eliminating the need for STEP and IGES files.

LensMechanix is the only certified Gold Partner product specifically designed for the needs of optomechanical engineers.


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