Feature Highlights

Lasers and fiber optics are essential components of many new products and technologies, and OpticStudio is the only engineering design software platform that combines the optical, lighting and illumination design features that address all these needs in a single, seamless design platform.

New in OpticStudio 16

  • Single User Softkey Licensing
  • Modeling - Opto-Mechanical Semi-Diameters
  • Modeling - Production Validator Tool
  • UI - Faster Analysis Window Updates
  • UI - File Syntax Highlighting
  • Catalogs - New Luxexcel, Schott, Nihon Kessho Kogaku Material Catalogs

New in OpticStudio 15.5
  • Multi-User Network Software Licensing
  • Optimization - Individual Boundary Operands
  • Catalogs - Updated Edmunds and Thorlabs Lens Catalogs
New in OpticStudio 15
  • Physical Optics Unpolarized Beams - POP can now calculate polarized output data for unpolarized (random polarization) input beams.
  • POPD operand now supports angular and cross-spatial moment calculations.
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