Complete Design of Optical,
Illumination, and Laser Systems

Industry standard software that supports the end-to-end design process.

Automatically Improve
Design Performance

Improved optimization tools replace manual iterations
with fast set up and customizable constraints.

Ensure Manufacturability
and Production Efficiency

Incorporate manufacturing and assembly tolerances into
design constraints before you start the design process.

Minimize Design Errors
Reduce Prototyping Costs

The most accurate modeling tools available in a
single, seamless software platform for precise simulations.


The essential software platform for optical engineers, combining an intuitive user interface with complex physics and interactive visuals to drive faster innovation while reducing development costs. Enabling optical engineers, researchers and scientists to design for manufacturability is the core of our mission. 

Zemax puts quick, accurate design tools into the hands of optical engineers with OpticStudio™. Each tool set is aligned with key steps in the engineering design process forming the primary functions of the software. The Analysis, Optimization and Tolerancing tool sets contain an impressive array of physics-based algorithms to analyze, simulate, and optimize optical systems all within tolerance specifications.

The "Cool" in OpticStudio

Versatility and Capability
Unique to OpticStudio is the ability to transition seamlessly from a sequential model to a non-sequential model, and from a sequential model to physical optics propagation. The transition capability allows users to work on a variety of optical, illumination and laser systems with one software program, OpticStudio, saving time and money.

Optimization Made Easier
A key step in design for manufacture is optimization to ensure cost effectiveness. OpticStudio automates this process on multiple levels making it easy and understandable for new design engineers while providing experienced engineers with advanced tools and algorithms. 

Three Tolerancing Solutions to Ensure the Right Fit
Defining the total amount any specification can vary is paramount to ensuring that not only will the component fit, but also the entire system will fit its intended application. We all understand the importance of identifying the amount above and below a nominal dimension, however we may not have all the information to determine the limits, or we need to understand what happens when we exceed those limits. OpticStudio includes three features engineered specifically to address tolerancing needs: see how known tolerances will change your system; let OpticStudio calculate the tolerances for you; simulate the effect of all tolerances simultaneously.

CAD Integration
Critical to any optical and illumination design is the inevitable integration with another computer-aided-design (CAD) program. OpticStudio includes seamless CAD integration as part of the Premium Edition eliminating the need to purchase a separate module or program.

Feature Spotlight:  Move seamlessly between
sequential and non-sequential models

The Design Lockdown Tool automatically performs a number of operations needed to prepare a sequential optical system for opto-mechanical analysis and production. The tool will convert semi-diameters to fixed apertures, replace vignetting with fixed apertures, switch from image-based to object based field definitions, remove solves, and round thickness values.

The Critical Rayset Generator Tool will create a set of reference rays that can be traced in non-sequential mode. These rays are useful in order to verify system performance in the presence of opto-mechanical changes made in non-sequential mode. The Critical Raytracer Tool is used to trace these rays in non-sequential mode.