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New functional free trial allows you to input and manipulate data and review the results.
  • Input and manipulate your own data
  • Sample files
    • Traditional lens design
    • Lighting design
    • Illumination Design 
    • Lasers and Fibers
  • Breakthrough features, rock-solid reliability

Free trial version limitations: 

  • Automatic time out after 6 hours of continuous operation
  • Inoperable functions
    • Save
    • Save As
    • Create Archive
    • Copy/Print
    • Export
    • Generate Output Files
    • Global Optimization
    • ZPL
    • Extensions
  • Cannot create custom material or lens catalogs
  • Standard Optimization up to 5 cycles maximum
  • Editors/Analyses display limited to 0.00 accuracy level
  • Only one sample RSM, IES or IS file may be downloaded from the online library

*OpticStudio requires a 64-bit operating system. You can view the full requirements here.

For assistance or questions regarding demo downloads, please contact