OpticStudio Current Version

Installation Instructions

The perpetual edition of OpticStudio is installed locally (on-premise). All prerequisite software and drivers are included with the OpticStudio installer.

  1. If you have a hardkey license, ensure it is not plugged into any USB port.  
  2. Download and install OpticStudio_16.5 SP4.

Helpful knowledgebase articles: 

Cloud Setup Instructions 

The OpticStudio Cloud Edition does not require any software installation. Your cloud account will always have the current version of OpticStudio installed. 

  1. Follow the Cloud Quick Start Guide to activate and set up your cloud account.

For more information:

Resource Files

License manager:

The Zemax License Manager: Zemax License Manager

Black hard key driver:

Black hard key driver cleanup utility:

  1. Removes all Safenet key drivers
  2. Take key out of USB port
  3. Run the correct utility for your version of windows
  4. Reboot

For soft keys:

Multi-User Network License Installations

If you are setting up the multi-user network licensed version of OpticStudio please refer to the knowledge base article: How to Install the Network License Version of OpticStudio. OpticStudio multi-user network licenses are available via a softkey.

The Zemax License Manager is used to install the network licensing software on the server machine.