Installation Instructions

Typical Installation

All pre-requisite software and drivers are now included with the OpticStudio installer: 
  1. If you have a hardkey license, ensure it is not plugged into any USB port.  
  2. Download and install OpticStudio_16.5 SP3.

Helpful Knowledge Base Articles: 

Resource Files

License manager:

The Zemax License Manager: Zemax License Manager

Black hard key driver:

Black hard key driver cleanup utility:

  1. Removes all Safenet key drivers
  2. Take key out of USB port
  3. Run the correct utility for your version of windows
  4. Reboot

For soft keys:

Multi-User Network License Installations

If you are setting up the multi-user network licensed version of OpticStudio please refer to the knowledge base article: How to Install the Network License Version of OpticStudio. OpticStudio multi-user network licenses are available via a softkey.

The Zemax License Manager is used to install the network licensing software on the server machine.