OpticStudio Editions

Find the edition that's right for you! 

OpticStudio provides the flexibility to choose the optical and illumination design features you need.  All OpticStudio Editions are backed by a 30-day, money back guarantee.

  • Standard Edition - For designing lenses and simulating complex imaging and afocal systems. Includes tools for comprehensive sequential system design, including polarization analysis, optimization, tolerancing, geometric and diffraction analysis, and image simulation. 
  • Professional Edition - For simulating laser beam propagation, stray light, and illumination systems. Includes all features in the Standard Edition, plus features to simulate, analyze, optimize, and tolerance illumination, laser, and fiber systems.
  • Premium Edition - Our flagship edition for designing comprehensive optical and illumination systems. Includes all features in the Professional Edition, plus dynamic CAD control, illumination maps, LightningTrace™, phosphors and fluorescence simulation, and the complete set of source and scatter data libraries. 
  • Online Edition - For designing comprehensive optical and illumination systems online. Includes all features in the most up-to-date Premium Edition, accessible anywhere with an HTML5-compliant browser. 

Zemax also enables users to upgrade their license(s) to fit the changing demands of their organization or project scope. To find out more about upgrading your OpticStudio Edition click here.
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View our Edition comparison chart below to match your design needs with the feature set and capabilities of each Edition. 

Premium     Professional     Standard            

CAD Integration

Export to STEP, IGES, SAT, STL
Import of STEP, IGES, SAT, STL  
Dynamic link to SolidWorks    
Dynamic link to Autodesk Inventor    
Dynamic link to CREO Parametric    
Part Designer - Static Parts  
Part Designer - Dynamic Parts    

Data Libraries

Lens Catalog
Materials Catalog
Coatings Catalog
Test Plate Catalogs
Spectrum Data Files    
Scatter Data Catalog    
Radiant Source Models    
IES Library    

Optical System Design

Sequential Ray Tracing
12 field points
50 field points (best for aspheric design)  
Over 200 field points (best for freeform design)    
Contrast Optimization (for MTF)  
Thermal Analysis
Black Box Optics
Image Quality
Image Simulation
Aspheric Design
Freeform Optics
Diffractive Optics
Ghost Focus
Multiple Configuration Systems/Zoom
Stock Lens Matching Tool  

Lighting and Illumination Design

Non-Sequential Ray Tracing  
Light Sources  
Freeform Optics  
Ray Splitting  
Ray Scattering  
Measured Source Models    
Measured Surface Scattering    
Roadway Lighting    
Illumination Maps    
Phosphor & Fluorescence Modeling    

Lasers and Fibers

Gaussian Beams
Scanning Systems
Single Mode Fiber Coupling
Multi-Mode Fiber Coupling
Physical Optics  
M^2 and Beam Quality  

User Interface

Graphical User Interface
Zemax Programming Language
3D Space Mouse Enabled
User-Configurable Shortcut Keys
Feature Finder Tool
MATLAB Interoperability  
Custom Extensions  
User Defined Surfaces - Objects, Scatter, Sources  

Price and Inclusions

Price $14,900 $9,900 $4,900
Quick Start Guide
1 Year of 24/7 Maintenance and Support
1 Year of ZPA (Zemax Productivity Assurance)     (+ $540) (+ $540)

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