OpticStudio Licensing

OpticStudio is licensed through softkeys, providing easier installation and eliminating the risk of misplaced or stolen USB keys. Both standalone Single User Licenses and Network Licenses are available in this format, and Network Licenses now provide exceptional mobility with license check in/check out, while providing convenient management via an administrative interface.

Single User Licenses allow one machine and one user to access OpticStudio at a time. There's no limit to how many machines or users can run OpticStudio with this key, but only one machine and one user can use the key at a time, and the license must be transferred between machines in order to run OpticStudio on a different machine.

Network Licenses are installed & activated on a single keyserver machine that client machines access. License check-in/check-out is supported with the network softkey. Network licenses allow multiple users/machines simultaneous access to OpticStudio.
Please note that both single user and network softkeys are worth the full value of the software. We recommend that you insure your key for its full replacement value.   If the key is lost or stolen, it will not be replaced without payment of the full purchase price.  You may see details of our policy here.

This webinar discusses licensing options for OpticStudio, including which options are available and other licensing FAQs.