Uniquely Zemax

All-In-One Optical and Illumination Design – OpticStudio is two software packages in one: an optical design package and an illumination design package. The optical design package is ideal for imaging systems, afocal systems, laser systems, fiber coupling, and many others. The illumination package is engineered for radiometric/photometric analysis, stray light analysis, opto-mechanical design, and more. Both packages are seamlessly integrated into one, intuitive user interface.

LightningTraceTM – a patent pending raytrace technology that uses ray interpolation to accelerate conventional non-sequential raytracing by orders of magnitude. With OpticStudio design engineers can modify system parameters with real-time results, and accurately optimize and tolerance systems in reasonable time periods.

Stock Lens Matching – automates the replacement of custom components in a designed system with off-the-shelf (OTS) optics. Search specific vendor catalogs or all of them. Define tolerance ranges to redesign custom components from OTS components. Decide whether the performance degradation of OTS components is worth the cost savings.

Part Designer – design complex, custom CAD components within the OpticStudio environment. Parts remain fully parametric allowing optimization and tolerancing. Easily incorporate parts into a non-sequential optical system or export to CAD formats.

Source Illumination – Instantaneously simulate far-field source illumination on a plane. Integrate source data from up to eight (8) sources to model far-field illumination without raytracing.