Feature Explorer

Explore the Powerful Technologies in OpticStudio 
Welcome to the Zemax OpticStudio Feature Explorer! Here you can learn about some of the great features our design software has to offer. 

OpticStudio, like its Zemax predecessors, includes a wide range of technologies, features and functionalities that enable you to undertake the most complex tasks in optical and illumination design - and the simplest! Use the left menu to quickly navigate through the features offered for specific applications.

Users frequently ask if our design software can perform specific tasks. Our answer is almost always yes! The capabilities of OpticStudio are extensive and even the most seasoned user has rarely utilized or even discovered all the functionality and power available.

The Feature Explorer is powered by a series of short videos designed to be tutorials that unlock many features in OpticStudio. Please view these 2-6 minute videos at your convenience for practical and useful information that will accelerate your mastery of OpticStudio and enhance your optical and illumination designs.


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