Illumination System Design

Design illumination systems with speed and confidence using industry-leading analysis, optimization and tolerancing capabilities.
OpticStudio Illumination System Design FeaturesOpticStudio offers a wide array of tools for the design, optimization and tolerancing of illumination and lighting systems. In the industry, "illumination" generally refers to the design of an optical system that is intended to produce a specific illumination profile. "Lighting" usually refers to the deployment of some number of those sources to achieve a desired lighting level for any number of applications.

For example, the design of a street lamp is usually thought of as an illumination project; however, meeting the requirements of the CIE 140-2000 Roadway Lighting specification means taking a number of these sources and rearranging them to ensure specific requirements are met. OpticStudio has both the general capability and specific tools needed for almost any illumination project.

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