Zemax announces release of LensMechanix


Kirkland, Washington – June 8, 2016 – Zemax, LLC is excited to announce the release of LensMechanix™, a powerful SOLIDWORKS® add-in that streamlines the workflow between optical and mechanical engineers. For the first time, mechanical engineers can package, analyze, and validate their optomechanical designs in SOLIDWORKS by Dessault Systèmes. They can load OpticStudio® files directly into a SOLIDWORKS assembly, design mechanical geometry using actual optical geometry, and run ray traces to validate the complete optomechanical design. 

“LensMechanix is the tool the industry has needed for 20 years. It is a game changer for companies across the optics industry. It’s going to change the way people design their products, and get products to market faster at a lower cost.” Ken Moore, Founder, Zemax, LLC.

LensMechanix works independently from OpticStudio as a SOLIDWORKS add-in. Users can download a free 2-week trial at: http://www.zemax.com/lmx/purchase/download-free-trial.

Saves time
  • Build the mechanical geometry with actual lens dimensions, eliminating the need for STEP, IGES, or STL files. 
  • Use tools like ray tracing to analyze optical performance of the complete optomechanical assembly to identify and resolve issues early in the design process. 
  • Eliminate time wasted with file format changes, routine design validations, and file imports and exports. 
Saves money
  • Identify and resolve issues before building a physical prototype or sending the complete design to the optical engineer to review.
  • Get accurate results: LensMechanix includes the same multi-threaded ray tracing engine using Zemax’s industry-leading physics core that is relied on by NASA and most advanced optics companies.  
  • Analyze integrated mechanical and optical designs in OpticStudio. 
Increases efficiency
  • Remove bottlenecks and streamline your workflow. Mechanical engineers can now analyze and validate their own designs, and optical engineers can receive and analyze integrated designs in OpticStudio.
  • Reduce development iterations and avoid manufacturing mistakes so you get to market faster. 
  • Simplify the exchange of information between SolidWorks and OpticStudio. Mechanical and optical engineers can design and analyze their work in their preferred environments and formats.
About Zemax
Industry leaders in optics and illumination rely on Zemax for cutting edge design and simulation software that reduces costs and shortens time-to-innovation. Zemax delivers design software, training and support services that set the standards for the optical and illumination industry. Zemax is unmatched as the preferred platform for researchers, engineers, designers and students around the world. 

In 2016, Zemax expanded its offerings to the optical design industry with LensMechanix, a SOLIDWORKS add-in that bridges the gap between optical and optomechanical design, further streamlining the design-to-manufacture process.