Zemax announces release of OpticStudio 16.5


Zemax announces release of OpticStudio™ 16.5
KIRKLAND, Washington – October 18, 2016 – Zemax announces the latest version of its optical and illumination design software, OpticStudio. OpticStudio 16.5 includes new features to tackle stray light and photoluminescence, and also usability improvements that make OpticStudio faster and easier to use.

  • Analyze stray light using the industry’s best ray tracing engine (Professional and Premium editions) – OpticStudio 16.5 adds new stray light analysis tools to identify and block unwanted rays in your optical systems. These new tools streamline stray light analyses to deliver consistent and accurate results faster.
  • Design more phosphors and fluorescent materials for versatile simulations (Premium Edition) – Model a wider range of phosphors and fluorescent materials with OpticStudio 16.5. Mie scattering and wavelength shifting are now decoupled for more accurate simulation of photoluminescence in non-scattering materials.
  • Work faster and more efficiently with new tools, easier soft key mobility, and updated catalogs (Standard, Professional, and Premium editions) – OpticStudio 16.5 improves data visualization through faster rendering of analysis windows. Plus, you can now transfer your soft key license from one computer to another in two easy steps. OpticStudio 16.5 also introduces the Bernhard Halle lens catalog, the new Nikon material catalog, and updates to the NHG, Ohara, Zeon, and Hoya material catalogs.
About Zemax
Industry leaders in optics and illumination rely on Zemax for cutting-edge design and simulation software that reduce costs and shorten innovation time. Zemax delivers design software, training, and support services that set the standard for the optical and illumination industry. OpticStudio contains a comprehensive set of design tools, each aligned with key steps in the engineering design process. OpticStudio is the preferred platform for researchers, engineers, designers, and students around the world. This year, Zemax expanded its offerings to the optical design industry with LensMechanix, a powerful SOLIDWORKS add-in for mechanical engineers that simplifies optomechanical development, further streamlining the design-to-manufacture process.
Visit Zemax.com to learn more about OpticStudio 16.5 and LensMechanix. To try out the new features in OpticStudio 16.5, download our free trial. To try out LensMechanix, download our free trial.