Zemax Shortens Learning Curve with OpticStudio


-- OpticStudio redefines user productivity --

REDMOND, Washington – July 1, 2014 – OpticStudio from Zemax combines its time-tested core analytics with a new easy-to-use interface to maximize productivity for existing users and reduce the learning curve for new users. OpticStudio sets a new standard for optical and illumination design software, users will spend more time focusing on critical design aspects instead of negotiating clumsy, out-dated software interfaces.

“We broke the mold with OpticStudio” said Sanjay Gangadhara Ph.D, Zemax Director of Product Development. Dr. Gangadhara added “our goal was to maximize usability and enhance productivity for a wide variety of users, and I believe we met our objectives.”

Recently Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia used Zemax OpticStudio for a 2nd year undergraduate Optometry and Vision Science class in a series of exercises to design and optimize an ophthalmic lens. Rod Watkins, A/Prof. and Director of Strategic Development Optometry and Vision Science at Flinders University said “This year we added some additional work with the merit function and with Zernicke coefficients. In spite of the additional work the students needed noticeably less supervision than in the past, and on average completed all parts of the work in about 2/3 of the time taken in previous years. Our conclusion is that students are very comfortable with the OpticStudio GUI and can find their way around in it far more intuitively.”

For more details on OpticStudio and a free test drive of the industry leading optical and illumination design software, visit us at www.zemax.com, or call +1 (425) 844 0152.

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