Zemax Releases New OpticStudio™ 15


Kirkland, WA – May 14, 2015 - Zemax announces the next version of their optical and illumination design software. OpticStudio 15 builds upon previous versions with major new physics capabilities, highly requested features, and performance improvements. The major new features in this release include:
  • ZOS-API.NET: a completely new COM/.NET API for communicating with external programs.
  • Chebyshev surface: a Chebyshev polynomial surface that adds another tool to the host of freeform capabilities already included.
  • Object editor: a more CAD-like way to edit objects in non-sequential mode.
  • Cost estimator: an industry-first tool for obtaining real-time, prototype lens quotes from Optimax.
  • Report graphics: useful for creating reports and presentation.
  • Code V converter: a ZPL macro that converts Code V files to OpticStudio format.
Take OpticStudio 15 for a test drive now at www.zemax.com, and find out why it’s the solution of choice for optical and illumination designers everywhere.

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