Advanced Optical System Design Using OpticStudio

This course teaches advanced topics in optical system design using the sequential design environment in OpticStudio. Attendees learn how to design systems using aspheres and freeforms, tolerance complex systems, and simulate lasers and optical fibers.
  • Day 1: Local and global optimization, thermal analysis, and diffractive optics
  • Day 2: Diffraction, thin-film coatings and polarization, and introduction to freeforms and aspheres
  • Day 3: Designing with freeforms and aspheres and an introduction to tolerancing
  • Day 4: Tolerancing advanced systems and 3D systems
  • Day 5: Simulating lasers and optical fibers

Skills Gained
  • Use freeform and aspheric surfaces
  • Perform advanced tolerancing techniques
  • Use physical optics propagation, Gaussian beams, and geometric rays to simulate lasers and optical fibers, and explain when to use each tool

Background in optics and experience using sequential mode in OpticStudio, or completion of Optical System Design Using OpticStudio (in-person or online).
5 days


September 18 - 22, 2017 United Kingdom
December 4 - 8, 2017 United Kingdom




*Registration for training courses ends one week prior to the course start date