Programming OpticStudio

The Zemax OpticStudio application programming interface, ZOS-API.NET, is a powerful feature that is based on a COM interface and uses .NET libraries. This course teaches attendees how to use ZOS-API.NET to build standalone applications in C#, control OpticStudio through MATLAB or C#, and design custom analyses. Attendees also learn Zemax Programming Language (ZPL) macro programming, user-defined features (such as objects and sources), and operands. This course is indispensable for anyone who wants to write their own code to control OpticStudio or to connect to other programs.
  • Day 1: ZPL and ZOS-API.NET with examples in C# and MATLAB
  • Day 2: User-defined operands and surfaces, and non-sequential programming

Skills Gained
  • Simplify common workflows using ZPL
  • Program new operands, surfaces, and objects in OpticStudio
  • Use the ZOS-API to create and analyze systems with C# and MATLAB

Experience with OpticStudio and at least one high-level programming language is required. Knowledge of MATLAB is encouraged for MATLAB-specific material, but is not required.
2 days

The next session will be in 2018.
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