Creating Light Pipes with LensMechanix and OpticStudio

April 12th, 2017

SOLIDWORKS simplifies the creation of complex shapes and designs for your applications. With LensMechanix—a Certified Gold Partner SOLIDWORKS add-in—you can transform these mechanical designs into optical components and visualize how light travels in your system. One great example application is light pipe design. Light pipes (also known as light guides) can direct light from a source while minimizing power loss. Learn how to use LensMechanix to build light pipes and use OpticStudio to optimize your designs. 

This webinar will demonstrate how to: 
  • Build light pipes for circuit board applications 
  • Use the Linear Pattern tool in SOLIDWORKS to quickly create additional components 
  • Transform mechanical components to optical components and assign glass types 
  • Visualize how light travels through the transformed components 
  • Save an output file of your optomechanical design and use the Dynamic CAD link to optimize your design in OpticStudio

Light Pipe Files

About the Presenters
Esteban Carbajal is the LensMechanix Opto-Mechanical Engineer.