Combining Sequential and Non-Sequential

Combining sequential and non-sequential capabilities for comprehensive optical system design, October 29, 2015

OpticStudio is the only software package in the industry that offers comprehensive optics and illumination design capabilities all in one package. These capabilities offer advantages in modeling complex components, stray light, opto-mechanics, and realistic sources. In this webinar we will illustrate:

  • Using mixed-mode to model complex components in imaging/afocal systems
  • Converting imaging/afocal systems to non-sequential mode for comprehensive stray light analysis
  • Opto-mechanics for imaging/afocal systems
  • Realistic sources for imaging/afocal systems
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About the Presenter: 

Akash Arora is the Zemax Product Manager. In his 8 years at the company he has held a diverse set of roles in technical support, software development, and product management. Akash earned his BS and MS degrees in Optics from the University of Arizona.